Newcastle Maternity Session - Singleton Family Photographer

This maternity session was in Newcastle with this family of four, who were about to become five. I think maternity sessions are the perfect way to celebrate your family now as it is before you welcome a new addition to the family. Sometimes the sessions are just of a couple who are expecting their first child, and sometimes a family who has children will have the maternity session done for the first time. Some people choose them as it will be their last time they are pregnant and want to capture this special moment to be able to look back and reflect on what that time was like being pregnant.

Kids this age can normally want to do their own things on a shoot. We are in a new place, mum wants them to behave ha ha. My sessions are generally directed by the kids! I try to include activities that they may like to do and to keep them active while still getting great images for the family. Some sessions I just chase kids and try to get them at what they are loving in that moment. These boys were great and loved checking out different spots at the beach and being with mum and dad. At the end they got to go to yoghurt land!

If you are thinking of a family session, please use the contact form if you would like more information about these sessions.

Singleton Fine Art Children's Portraits

A few weeks ago now I had four beautiful girls come to my studio so I could get some fine art images of them.  Matilda, is moving away and I wanted to give her and her friends a day they would remember with memories of their friendship together.  I loved being able to work with a group of girls, especially friends, to have them put on some pretty dresses and do their hair.  One of the girls very rarely wears dresses, but you would never tell in these images.  Thank you Ash and girls for trusting me with these memories.  If you would like to see other fine art images in my studio please check them out here.



If you would like to discuss a Fine Art Session for your children, please do not hesitate to contact me.